The Ignorance of Humanity

Torn out from the confines of their innocence,
into the reality of our dissonance – a xenophobic immanence.

How can we ignore their cries and look into their eyes?
How can we tell them lies while innocence dies?

Fleeing from the rain of western bombs and thirsty killing,
to make life a little fulfilling – greeted by the ignorant unwilling.

How can we keep them away while humanity goes astray?
How can we praise the day when we have no say about the way?

An escape paved with suffering and struggle,
away from the paradise in rubble – the invasion of trouble.

How can we judge character and honesty by appearance?
How can we call for good riddance when we play with existence?

The dream of a life without terror is a similarity,
to end the vicious barbarity – by the common man’s solidarity.

How do we remember our humanity and empathy?
How do we see an enemy when there is common memory?


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