True Existence is Resistance

I experienced the crushing silence of life on earth, then I saw the light signaling my birth, the light that I would never see again, because freedom became sin, a light that I live to shine, the morals are you, the sins are mine. The adolescent desire suppressed by structure, restraint for obedience but the... Continue Reading →


The Bloodbursts of Freedom

The following is an excerpt of a novel I just shortly began. The story is based on Fritz Haarmann, "the Werewolf of Hannover", who raped and mutilated up to 24 young men in Hannover between the two world wars. It is rumored that he sold their clothes to shops and their flesh to a local... Continue Reading →

Hey, Humanity

Hey Humanity, all this blood, it's your applause you're not the victim, but the cause. All these tears are your arc ridden flood, you wash your hands in their blood. All those innocent dying are your predicaments, obedience to the kill-for-profit governments. All the hunger for your supposed welfare, the suffering comes home under your... Continue Reading →


The building from which the light shines brightly, Light that smothers all sense for those who walk by You can no longer hear the children’s cry Light that lifts itself over the biggest human lie, And leaves no room for the critical or those who ask…why? A Church built upon oceans of tears, With a... Continue Reading →


I am not sure if I am lazy or uninspired. I lied through your questions to get hired. Forced structures make us tired and freedom must be getting tired. The freedom they show is not the freedom we should know. The freak show is robbing us of the essence we need for existence to grow.... Continue Reading →

The Art of War (for Profit)

I wrote this poem last year in the days before the annual Munich Security Conference.   A select few meet to plan the next defeat, not to make war obsolete, but to enable profit for elite. To further kill innocence in it's essence, to establish a dominant coalescence, The profit of the underlying industry,  is... Continue Reading →

The Dishonest Kingdom

The existence without reason, our essence it's subject, the existing powers are treason, our desire revolt's architect. Revolution is the second action, revolt the first awakening, the individual must seek personal reaction for collective enlightening. For the days to come are dark, but our freedom becomes satisfying, Down with the ruling oligarchs, let them hear... Continue Reading →

Dark Days of Freedom

That moment when the days become dark and truth a mystery, the essence of life becomes misery, but in those moments of grave hopelessness, to our consciousness we must confess, that this condition makes us truly free, because in the darkness we can see, that we are forced toward an action: obedience or reaction.  ... Continue Reading →

Freedom is Choice

Time is never ending, death is impending, clinging to given reason and freedom is treason. Thrown into the world we are condemned to be free, we have to create meaning in a world where it is not to see, better to die on the knees looking for freedom, than to live by the rules, only... Continue Reading →

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