Do You Think We Will Survive?

When all the oceans have dried, we will fill it with the tears we cried. When the sun torches our skin, we will realize how senseless racism has been. But… do you think we will survive? When the mushroom clouds destroy humanity, we will try to reverse the inhumane insanity. When the roads are covered... Continue Reading →


The Dealer of Death and Suffering

If you kill the dealer, you murder the healer, You deal with death, the hopeless last breath. First the meds healed the pain, it was in vain; profit the insane, the heroin in the vein, made the pain become sane. First sent to the war, a puppet to settle the score, returned; but what for... Continue Reading →

Make them Hear, Make them See!

Thrown into their foundations, their ideal of ruling nations, coerced to follow their relations! Masters in heaven and on earth, freedom was stolen at birth, life measured by productive worth! No one must serve two masters, the lies fed by greedy imposters, obedience through threat of disasters! Humanity forsaken by the ruling decree, pockets stuffed... Continue Reading →

The Dire Tragedy of Existence

The dire tragedy of existence: the choice between persistence or resistance. Drugged lives and cheating wives, feeling alive gripping steely knives. Consant struggle for minimal fulfillment, a lust for blood as the fundament. Told to be whatever one chooses: The path of he that loses. Told that freedom is choice, but death has silenced the... Continue Reading →

Death and Destruction (As Afrin Falls)

Today, March 18th 2018, Afrin seems to have fallen into the hands of fundamentalist Jihadists, their fascist supporters from Turkey and their military. The silence and profit greed of the "Western Community" has enabled it. The grey wolves howl as Afrin falls into the hands of savages of fundamentalist calls. The „Western Community“ remains silent... Continue Reading →

21st Century Moloch and Complacency

The following poem was initially sent to a magazine for submission. It was denied, because of its radical thought and purported anti-Americanism. Instead of sending it to other magazines I have decided to publish it here and on my social media accounts. This denial with the given reasons leaves me shocked; is the current world... Continue Reading →

Rage! Kill! Love! Save!

Rage! Against the machine of reason inside of you! Against the instilled moral; it cannot be true! Against the borders and illusions they drew! Kill! The beast that feeds your freedom treason! The incendiaries of truthful reason! The disruption of peaceful cohesion! Love! The peace and equality of possibilitiy! The empathy and quality of civility!... Continue Reading →

A Once Harmless Enigma

World. Change; it needs it! Hell. Our Complacency; it feeds it! Death. Silence; it allows it. Life. Our vanity; it swallows it! Freedom. Confusion; it abuses it. Enslavement. Our Moral; it uses it! Hope. War; it destroys it. Fear. Our profit; it employs it! Protest. Repression; it silenced it. Agreement. Our norms; it centered it!... Continue Reading →

Old World / Our World / Future

Old World / Our World / Future The past perspective, the old world; is dement, grey and old, its stories have been told, its soul forsaken, its virtues sold. The forgotten struggle, once a utopian dream, is confused; hanging by the seam, its light a weakened gleam, a loss of solidarity's self esteem. Our world,... Continue Reading →

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