Circus Freak

Confused; emotions in disarray, the gods of profit and capital have their way, to limit the spectrum of what you say, day by day you live in the ropes they play, you are blind to the freedoms they slay, you take the comfortable route for pay. The times are dire and the future looks bleak,... Continue Reading →


The End is Near

The end is near, existential fear, the piece of shit orangutan man president can't steer might as well chase the bittersweet taste of freedom with whiskey and beer! The end comes faster, existential disaster, they change faces but it is always the same master, there was the texan maniac, von Drone but they all have... Continue Reading →

The Present

There is something between the future and the past, a precious thing that goes away too fast. Singular moments of life constitute freedom, minds locked in illusion of past and future is slavedom. Freedom is the ability to determine your essence, the present moments its quintessence. Existence is absurd within the eternity of time, conceived... Continue Reading →

When They Come

There are those that limit your freedom, with their moral, ethic, norms and slavedom, by saying you can't do certain things, because they themselves are in the strings. When those try to earn your obedience, offering you meaning and your life lenience, selling certain reasons and possibility, tactfully hiding behind their fake nobility, try to... Continue Reading →

An Angel in Bed

Every night I hope to meet an angel in bed, that it can wrestle the devils out of my head. "Exist in the now" they say, why do I see millions kneeling to pray? Existence is a tragic culmination towards eternity, a constant search for benevolent pity. Exist obediently in the now or suffer, is... Continue Reading →

Perception of Time

Time is now, was then and will be. Life within a framework we cannot see. The illusionary dream within a dream, things we see may not be what they seem. Perception an ever changing trait, yet time does not control its fate. It floods our perception like rain, but is actually a presence in vain.... Continue Reading →

Burn the Bridges!

All I see is human misery and self righteous vanity by the capitalist dictatorship's decree. We will never be free unless we teach what freedom should be – full of passion for life and empathy for the lack of reason within it. The prospect of poverty is controlling us to non-forcibly continue labor silently whilst... Continue Reading →

Let Your Hearts Fly

Where we have been broken, misery and sorrow have spoken. The emotions that weaken our soul, will help the character console. The broken heart will beat stronger, life’s resistance to fear of death longer. Happiness is the cut seams of sorrow, the misery of today is the joy of tomorrow. Let yourselves be broken and... Continue Reading →

A Dream

The dream; the fabrication of my own illusion, gave me strength, lessened the existential confusion. On the cliff, staring down into the abyss, into nothing, I felt a fear yet unknown, while the silence was crushing. I stared into the darkness, only to feel the presence of their eyes, heard no cries, but I knew... Continue Reading →

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