Inner Fire

Screaming misery at the stars, memory oozing out of the scars. Hell on earth is the others, the judgement of sisters and brothers. Try to live life by own decree, live on one’s feet not one’s knee. Past and future are not determinate, the smallest experiences are infinite. The night ends the prolonged day, there... Continue Reading →



Head empty; dreams moved out, expectations experience drought. The mind relieved of doubt, will still hear the nothingness shout. Moral expectations deceased, taming the obedience giving beast. Their purported ethics decreased, let’s authentic freedom be released. The nothingness can give light, to souls that fight. Constantly questioning wrong or right, will impair freedom’s sight. Allow... Continue Reading →

New Wars. Old Death. Profitable Deceptions.

Clashing ideologies of self righteous exceptions, new wars, old death, profitable deceptions. The egomaniacs' spiteful trajectory, will leave no room for innocence or life's sanctity. Poison in the air and lies for the machine, death will come to those stuck in between. Ending all existence by simple gestures, a game played for their perverted pleasures.... Continue Reading →

Cycle of Death

Opened eyes realize, we survived another day that dies, a day that gives birth to life at dawn, after dusk it is all gone. The cycles of death to be seen everywhere, the end of existence shouldn’t be our care, death is imminent, the suffocating force of living, everyday should be lived unforgiving. Opened eyes... Continue Reading →

Their Cages

Wasting energy adhering to normality, replacing suffering with moral insanity, driven by their self-righteous vanity, that there is meaning to humanity. Surviving the coincidence is meaning, life is to oppose their constant intervening, to overcome the obstacles that are demeaning, living life is what they call dreaming. The moral and norms are their cages, locking... Continue Reading →

A Dream

In the search of knowledge I watched night become day. In the search of meaning I felt time taking days away. For my reason I met death who said he was here to stay. I have seen innocence lifeless in a pool of blood and truth washed away by euphemistic flood. I fet love carry... Continue Reading →

Only Time

Only time will tell, if existence is hell, where miseries dwell, moral they sell, Only time can say, if it was worth it to pray, where injustices pay, values they slay. But time is never ending, existence merely lending, death is always impending, no use for depending. Time will go on with out you, so... Continue Reading →

Raining Blood

Raining blood applause for humanity, a spectacle produced by western vanity, Coerced life rewarded with social sanity, a civilization's inanity driven by christianity. Obedience to an invisible man and incentive, the devils of god and capital are inventive. Meaning of existence confused for profits, reason and meaning to adhere to false prophets. The slaughter of... Continue Reading →

The Pathology of Egomaniacs

My deadening depression will be the end of their aggressive obsession. The pieces of my sanity lay in their envious, controlling insanity. My dreams of freedom pale in the gray reality, no more black & white – we are experiencing the pathology of greedy egomaniacs matched perhaps only by the gods of greek mythology. The... Continue Reading →

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