Gods that Dance

"I would only believe in a god who could dance." Nietzsche in "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" I felt the weight of moral on my existence, given strength by divine insistence. I felt my body and mind slowly burn, the fire of my desire will always return. Told to find truth in prophetic slandering, I questioned misery... Continue Reading →


The Next Year of Hell

Twice more rings the bell guiding us into the next year of our hell, the protests we yell will remain the emotions they sell. The flood of eastern tears reached our walls of ignorance, while mother earth is saving it's breath for her last dance. Fiery red skies killing away the sanctity of innocence, sacrifice... Continue Reading →

Stay True to You!

"Have you heard the angels sing, have you felt the devil's swing, the snake bite sting, or stood in the burning ring? Desire, lust and sin are a strange thing, because it can make you feel like a king, tempt you to steal an angel's wing, chop fingers for the devil's ring, become the snake's... Continue Reading →

I will ascend

Once they spoon fed me their moral shit, I knew I wasn't meant to fit. When the ethic was taught to me, I knew I would refuse to live on my knee. Then they coerced me for their profits, I questioned the integrity of their prophets. Now I am pushed to a dark corner, labeled,... Continue Reading →

Optimistic Nihilism

Nihilism yet optimistic, death lingers, words of life expelled from my fingers, in my mind darkness lingers. No need to find an end, the absurdity and disgust give life, poetry is reality's fierce knife, Acceptance of mortality makes amend. Perspective looking very grave, the murderers learned to fly; they thrive stories of life keep us... Continue Reading →

The Gods of Creation

[Quick phone write. On the train] They tore our eyes out, pupils distorted by scratching, placed in rows staring at the sun, blind to natural moral; new vision hatching. Humanity born from the incest of nothingness, the gods of creation in the west and east, give earth the beauty of creation, innocent souls sacrificed for... Continue Reading →

Absurd Reality

[Quick phone write up inspired by Albert Camus Pic: Bosch "Christ in Limbo" b/w] In my illusionary cage, for a second, I felt eternity rage. I returned to my reality, the absurd life, and I felt no fear of mortality. Open eyes stare at irrationality, craving happiness and reason, vs world's unreasonable silence: absurdity. acceptance... Continue Reading →

20 Shots [RIP Stephon Clark]

20 shots of injustice and hateful brutality, existence as minority a terrorising reality. 20 shots should be reversed and given new destination, for an end of the racist nation. 20 shots won't be enough to make us angry, the white man thrives from his bestiality. 20 shots rip through an entire nation, 20 shots for... Continue Reading →

Do You Think We Will Survive?

When all the oceans have dried, we will fill it with the tears we cried. When the sun torches our skin, we will realize how senseless racism has been. But… do you think we will survive? When the mushroom clouds destroy humanity, we will try to reverse the inhumane insanity. When the roads are covered... Continue Reading →

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