Dear Master of Poverty

Dear Master of Poverty, I can see through your lies, I can see it in your eyes. But can you hear the desperate cries as innocence dies? I can see through your intention, I see it in your intervention, But can you see that the situation is nearing ultimate damnation? I can see through your... Continue Reading →


Hang their Gods

I cannot be free until the powers that be no longer rule over me asymmetrically . The freedom of one is the freedom of all, the more we crawl the further we fall, 'til the last call that uncovers the lies of the Apostle Paul. Obedience through the metaphysical, we must break the chains of... Continue Reading →


"The first revolt is against the supreme tyranny of theology, of the phantom of God. As long as we have a master in heaven, we will be slaves on earth" - Bakunin I killed god to become free, existence is revolt – reason is not to see, the revolt prolonged to the metaphysical, I no... Continue Reading →

The World Lies in Rubble

The world lies in rubbles and I want to collect these to erect new buildings. Innocence has been lost to the abyss of The Wastelands. Innocence no longer exists in the normatized form we have been driven to acknowledge as normality – it has become a crackhead, it kills for passion and sacrifice to the... Continue Reading →

The Apathetic Devil

The Apathetic Devil: always lingering faithfully - the remedy for capitalist greed, in materialism, in communication he plants his seed; hail the narcissistic creed! Emotions in disarray soliciting the obedient servitude to elite's buffet, concern and interest limited strictly to the competition for pay and play. The suffering is not visual, the apathetic devil has... Continue Reading →

Fuck you.

You run from credit to credit for material possessions, while I admire your idiotic obsessions. You bend over whenever possible to move forward, without own happiness progress is absurd. You live a life of repetition and routine, while I keep my conscience clean. You turn on the radio and dance, I want music that gives... Continue Reading →

New Perspectives. Old Guns. Same Wars.

New perspectives. Old guns and the same wars. New puppets. Old ideology that shut hope’s doors. Toupee. Orange body. The bomber of innocence. Behold the new perverted, dark Eminence! At ease with the world’s destruction, we allow empathy’s wasteful seduction. View the bombings on smart phones, feel safe upon the materialistic thrones! The innocent tears... Continue Reading →

Beware the Russian Bear?

Beware of the Russian Bear ! The revitalized Red Scare. The Bear will grab you by the hair, drag you to despair, choke your prayer, kill the heir, poison the air, impair your care, and present your nightmare, whilst causing morality to impair. So they say. Hundreds of murder installations worldwide, to defend way of... Continue Reading →

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