The Burning Reichstag

Today, in 1933, the Reichstag burned. Contrary to popular belief it was not a "false flag" by the NSDAP, but rather someone who was disillusioned by the lack of resistance against the rise of Fascism and the Nazi government - hoping to signal authentic resistance. The NSDAP then instrumentalized this for their own agenda. 1933.... Continue Reading →


The Rat in a Cage

Despite all my rage I'm just a rat in a cage, dubiously determined to turn the pegs on their wheel, I swallow pride and watch silently as they sell my rage, Banks make billions, in front of them I kneel, I haven't wrote a single of my history's page, The emotions that I feel I... Continue Reading →


She wants fun, give her a gun blow the emotions away in dissarray inject the needle in the skin, the fools kin the heart attack is near, feel the fear the skin is dirty, the eyes not sturdy visions of horror, dreams of terror get the beast out, all that is left to do is... Continue Reading →

The Returned Devils

We keep on keeping on until all hope is gone, We stare at blank walls in amazement without a yawn, We dress in superfluous gown and accept life as pawn, Until the cards are drawn and we are passed gone. The purpose of life is unknown and it hasn't been shown, the sinners should have... Continue Reading →

The New Golden Calf

The culmination of idiocy reached it's peak at the rallies of worship to a new golden calf, coming in the form of a grotesquely overweight orangutan man disaster choreograph. Like a rally of used car salesmen the crowd is loud, provocative, morally bankrupt and confused, without realization that their frustrations and idiocy is the PR... Continue Reading →

The Golden Shores of Ophir

I dream of wandering on the golden shores of Ophir endlessly towards the magnificent towers of Babel in hopes of finding the sanctity of self. I am not disillusioned by the war machines in the sky striking fierce lightning on those swimming towards the shores looking for the same sanctity. Nor do I confront the... Continue Reading →

Human Exclusion

Imagine the drowning child's suffering cry of resistance gasping for normality after a destroyed existence. The barriers have been placed everywhere, to keep out the victims of our materialistic welfare. A girl stands within the rubble holding her stuffed animal, while bombs fly and cluster in the name of capital. The perpetual state of war... Continue Reading →

After the Revolution

What will come after envisioned revolutions? Do we know the honest and true solutions? Will we grasp the natural of equal rights? Will we disable propagandist frights? Can we dismantle weapons of mass destruction, and guarantee everyone shelter and protection? Can we stop killing and corrupting in the name of profit, and widen the access... Continue Reading →

Social Darwinism’s Winner

Social Darwinism's winner is the wasteful sinner, the air is becoming thinner and masses will become their Skinner. Dominant by sensationalist fear their end is near, for truth will make clear that their normation is not to adhere. As a light of truth passes throughout the masses, we reach for equality that encompasses all classes,... Continue Reading →

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