Fuck you.

You run from credit to credit for material possessions,
while I admire your idiotic obsessions.

You bend over whenever possible to move forward,
without own happiness progress is absurd.
You live a life of repetition and routine,
while I keep my conscience clean.
You turn on the radio and dance,
I want music that gives revolt a chance.
Your social media is the peak of your narcissism,
I think you are just prone for fascism.
While you dress and act like the advertisements,
I write these texts to make a personal statement.
You are so tolerant, but also homophobic,
I wonder about the true intention of your ethic.
Your pop culture is an ideological alley,
my ideology comes from the weak, poor and shabby.
While you dream of the fruits of the Bourgeoisie,
I stand strong with those that are relentlessly anti.

Because your ignorance is their systematic glue,
I say fuck you.
Because your morality and ethic is untrue,
I say fuck you.
Because you have missed every single clue,
I say fuck you.


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