Beware the Russian Bear?

Beware of the Russian Bear !
The revitalized Red Scare.

The Bear will grab you by the hair,
drag you to despair,
choke your prayer,
kill the heir,
poison the air,
impair your care,
and present your nightmare,
whilst causing morality to impair.

So they say.

Hundreds of murder installations worldwide,
to defend way of life, flag and pride,
we have never lied,
only heroes have died,
we have always tried,
to answer a world that cried,
we are allied,
with the dignified.

So they say.

I see murderous imperialism,
the growing cancer of fascism,
unwarranted exceptionalism,
driven by brutal barbarism,
and perverted despotism,
void of any authentic criticism,
and of basic humanism,
but rather state terrorism.

The chance to wake up to this reality,
is actually,
the only chance to become free.


Description Cover to the propaganda comic book “Is This Tomorrow”‘
Date 1947
Source Catechetical Guild
Author Catechetical Guild

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