Where is Hollywood?

One of the many mistakes of today’s society is that we glorify success by material measurement, rather than the humbleness of learning a craft that helps overall society. Instead of plumbers and carpenters we have wannabe-actors and terrible singers. The peak of this artificial world that these disillusioned masses want to conquer is very steep leading to an eventual fall into the wastelands full of drug addicts, prostitutes or general misery. The tears and failures of these people feeds the tummies of the fat elites because it creates a vacuum for more profit. An artificial reality created by mass media and for-sale sensationalism where only a small percentage can actually survive. Maybe Hollywood is not called “The Dream Factory” because of it’s productions, but rather for it’s creation of individual dreams that deter from an actual reality. Brought to you by the self satisfied fat elites with well fed smiles.

Where is the art? The emancipation?


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