The Entrapped Mind

The mind entrapped in alternate realities portraying alternative facts as reason,
the social media melting pot of pure genius and frightening idiocy is intelligent treason,
the arts, the wonders and the beauty do not find their justification,
the causation of our belligerence is the foundation of our present damnation.

Artificially create personality to mitigate your self-hatred and inconsistency,
your personal reality is not the torturer, you are entrapped in your own mental captivity,
you ignore what is important and the emotions that can stand the test of time,
against your own intuition and empathy you have committed the gravest crime.

Reality is growing dark and ready to implode by our ignorance,
we stand at crossroads and the caged minds must make a difference,
free thinking minds of reason, empathy and struggle,
will cause the imprisoning systems to crumble.


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