Don’t Hide the Madness

Vibrant screams filled the air,
exhausting the living despair
from within the rubble of what
was once a home for living innocence.
The disparity pushed by raging ideology,
has killed the innocence’s chronology,
to an imminent death before the feet of masters
and prolific surrogate actors.
The throne of humanism long overthrown,
the mind’s of a generation blown,
Ginsberg’s vision is still raging,
madness is still craving,
the angry fix at dawn,
the light of the world has gone,
to become unsatisfied perversion,
the coat hanger for humanist abortion.
Streets filled with complete asymmetry,
between dignity, death, poverty and bigotry,
we cannot find the sense of collective light,
in the hands of rich white elites willing to fight.
Millennial hipster crowds look for the next sensation,
tearing away the actual needs of a nation,
devour the innocence of your neighbors,
this system is a game and we are all players,
a game where only a few can win,
where fate is immutably determined by skin,
ideology, religion and orientation,
based on a corrupted poisoned foundation.
To speak about freedom is to be sincere,
it’s not their demands we need to adhere,
our chance is our collective thought,
an undefined twist to thicken the plot.

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness”
be the light that gives way to others in the darkness.


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