She wants fun, give her a gun
blow the emotions away in dissarray
inject the needle in the skin, the fools kin
the heart attack is near, feel the fear
the skin is dirty, the eyes not sturdy
visions of horror, dreams of terror
get the beast out, all that is left to do is shout
the earth is trembling, the emotions rambling
take out the dosage, this is my hommage
to those lost in a world of junk.

feel the fear take over, you will never be sober
think about the past, forget it fast
it will never be alright again, tis truly a sin
think about the future, you will find no nurture
it will not be pleasant, you say junk is god’s present,
think about now, and you wonder how
it is not how you think, your eyes no longer blink
you are hallucinating, seeing the seraphin
this my hommage, to those lost in junk.

better than any orgasm, feel the bodies spasm,
the wounds wont heal, false is what you feel,
the kingdom is not real, feel the reality peel,
the junk is your hero, did you inject in your toe?

You are lost. You have become a junkie.
Was the pressure too much?
Did you lose the warmth of society’s touch?
Has capitalism become your judge?
The systems feed on our grudge …


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