The New Golden Calf

The culmination of idiocy reached it’s peak at the rallies of worship to a new golden calf,
coming in the form of a grotesquely overweight orangutan man disaster choreograph.
Like a rally of used car salesmen the crowd is loud, provocative, morally bankrupt and confused,
without realization that their frustrations and idiocy is the PR tool being used.
He has reached the top of the sacrificial grounds waiting for you to bring his desires,
while his selected coven dances in the background spewing all sorts of disgusting fires.

Where there are no morals and ethic they force their devils upon us blatantly,
unlike the past where it has been manifested in institutions faithfully.
Manifest Fascism is spreading at a disturbing pace all across the our earth,
preventing the spark that can give authentic resistance and revolution birth.
In the dying hours of the capitalist systems they seek to uphold,
the days become dark, fearful, confused and morally cold.

We are shocked and cling to the hopes of partisan leaders,
unaware that their existence is also en elitist feeder.
We do not strive for authentic resistance and revolution,
because we are told by all it cannot be the solution.


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