The Forgotten Heroes

Washed up on the alcoholic shore,
consciousness has shut it’s door.
Lifeless on the cold and dirty floor,
the spasms have made him sore.
Returned home from the war,
his memory eased by the effective score.
Love does not exist anymore,
he makes due with the complacent whore.

No one hears his cries,
as he remembers his enemies eyes.
To society he has said good bye,
in their eyes he has gone awry.
He doesn’t understand why,
he cannot even begin to try.
With pride they let their flags fly,
while superficial support was high.

The returning soldier won’t find empathy,
because social diversion is certainty.
They are the heroes allegedly,
but see social death penalty.
Used for other interests dependably,
the soldier loses his integrity.
Searching for the strong social solidarity,
he is with false indemnity.

We should learn to follow our own mind,
for empathy is not hard to find.
If we continue to be blind,
our actions will be further maligned.
Our collective, solidaric power must become unconfined,
for the hope of all mankind.


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