Human Exclusion

Imagine the drowning child’s suffering cry of resistance
gasping for normality after a destroyed existence.
The barriers have been placed everywhere,
to keep out the victims of our materialistic welfare.

A girl stands within the rubble holding her stuffed animal,
while bombs fly and cluster in the name of capital.
The perpetual state of war for never ending profit,
our future existence stuffed in the elitist’s pockets.

When do we realize that no human deserves exclusion?

When we realize this is a result of our materialistic confusion?
When will we wake up and come together as one,
Not much left too lose, a lot to be won.

The projections and implications are always persuading,
ignoring the rudimentary dignity of populations degrading.
The consciousness for community has become obsolete,
the profit determines the pace our machined hearts beat.


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