After the Revolution

What will come after envisioned revolutions?
Do we know the honest and true solutions?

Will we grasp the natural of equal rights?
Will we disable propagandist frights?

Can we dismantle weapons of mass destruction,
and guarantee everyone shelter and protection?

Can we stop killing and corrupting in the name of profit,
and widen the access to the elitist capital pocket?

Can we stop the greedy necessity for finding the exploitable,
and marginalizing humans to productive or deportable?

Can we once again return to the vitality of our earth,
whilst giving earth and our spirits a new birth?

The answers first lie with yourself,
the problems are more than a dishonest distribution below the top shelf.
Lack of empathy and solidarity,
allow sneaking backdoor measures of austerity.

The power lies within the collective,
and the knowledge and problems are not socially selective.

We have to come together right now,
and not ask why but rather how.


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